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Fieldtrips and Speaking Engagements!


All-Inclusive Aquatics is passionate about working with our community to create aquatic safety awareness. We do this through matching the needs of various organizations to curriculum appropriate for them! Some of our favorite opportunities have been with the Autism Action Partnership's Prosper Academy Transition Program and a middle school Alternate Curriculum Program class.

Available Topics


Lifejacket Awareness

From going over lifejacket laws, demonstrating swimming with one, to putting one on while treading; we do it all!


Safety in the Deep End

Did you know there is more than just treading and back float to keep oneself safe? We will teach you all the tips and tricks!


Aquatic Surveillance 

Lifeguards aren't the only ones responsible for keeping your swimmer safe. Learn all the ways to stay engaged while water watching.


Flotation Devices

Introduction to both adaptive and typical equipment used by swimmers.


Drowning Prevention

Learn lifesaving strategies for helping someone in a near drowning situation.



Babies & Tots

Consistency and routine help create a safe swimmer. We guide parents on how to educate their little ones in and around water.

I learned more in the last hour with All-Inclusive Aquatics than I ever had about water safety. There were so many things I didn't realize that I didn't know!

--Prosper Academy Activities Associate

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